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Enjoy Toyama.

Only here can you get the impressive experience of everything from panoramas of magnificent nature, to the good old Japanese traditional culture.

Toyama is a tourist city full of the charm of magnificent nature harmonized with traditional culture.
The international mountain sightseeing route, “Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route”, where you can change between trains, buses, cable cars, ropeways etc., to enjoy sightseeing in the mountains called the Japanese Alps from around 3000m above sea level.
The good old Japanese mountain village culture passed on to modern times in “the historic gassho-style villages of Gokayama and Shirakawago”, which are registered on the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage list. Numerous impressive experiences that you can get only here is waiting for you, such as the symbols of Toyama city that once flourished as a castle town; “Toyama castle” and “Toyama Joshi Koen park”.

Recommended tourist spots in Toyama Prefecture

  • The international mountain sightseeing routeTateyama Kurobe Alpine RouteAn alpine route with a magnificent panorama stretching out with various highlights. Among them are the impressive “Snow walls” soaring nearly 20m high on both sides of the road from April to May every year. ※The Alpine Route is open: From the middle of April to the last day of November (it is closed down during the winter season due to heavy snowfall)

  • The World Cultural Heritage of the historicgassho-style villages Gokayama and ShirakawagoJapanese-style houses typical of this region with thatched roofs called “Gassho-zukuri”, a solid structure which was developed from knowledge of the people living in this snowy area.

  • the symbol of Toyama cityToyama Joshi Koen ParkThe Toyama castle, built in the mid-16th century, is today kept as a city park with remaining parts such as the restored castle tower, the stone wall, and the water moat.

Sightseeing close by

  • Toyama castle and Toyama Joshi Koen Park
    Toyama castle was the residence castle of Sassa Narimasa during the Sengoku Period of civil wars, and was taken over by Maeda Toshinaga in the Edo Period. This castle site is kept as a city park. Today the stone wall, the moat, etc. remains intact, and the interior of the castle tower that was restored after World War II has become the Toyama Local History Museum.
    Access About 10 minutes from the hotel by foot
    Address Honmaru 1, Toyama-shi
    Telephone 076-432-7911 (Toyama Local History Museum)
    open Throughout the year, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (entry permitted until 4:30 p.m.)
    Holidays During the New Year holiday, and temporary closed days for changing exhibitions etc.
  • Matsukawa River Sightseeing Boat
    On the sightseeing boats plying the Matsukawa River that flows through Toyama city from east to west, you can enjoy seasonal scenery such as the cherry blossom in spring, the cool river air in summer, and the colored leaves in autumn. Several hundred Someiyoshino cherry trees are planted along the river, and looking up at the tunnel of cherry trees from the boat is the highlight.
    Access About 5 minutes from the hotel by foot
    Address Honmaru 1, Toyama-shi (Matsukawa sightseeing boat platform in Toyama Joshi Koen park)
    Telephone 076-425-8440 (Toyama tourism sightseeing boat reservation center)
    open Saturdays, Sundays, and national holidays in April to October
    business hours 10:00~17:00 Extended during the cherry blossom period
    A facility that has combined the three elements of looking, buying and experiencing at the market of specialty products and tourist information in Toyama Prefecture, as well as a museum with a theme of “trout sushi”, “medicine”, and “Chindon”, an experienced atelier for handmade souvenirs, and a café with Chinese herbal medicine.
    Access About 3 minutes from the hotel by foot
    Address 1-2-3 Shintomi-cho, Toyama-shi, CiC biru 5th floor
    Telephone 076- 444-7120
    business hours 10:00〜20:00
    Holidays Third Tuesday no fixed holiday
  • Toyama Prefecture Museum of Modern Art
    An art museum where you can encounter world masterpieces and posters. The museum systematically displays permanent collections of art work from the 20th century such as Picasso, Miró, and Chagall, and various special exhibitions. There is also a museum café where you can spend your time quietly.
    Access About 15 minutes from the hotel by car
    Address 1-16-12 Nishinakanomachi, Toyama-shi
    Telephone 076-421-7111
    business hours Throughout the year from 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (Entry permitted until 4:30 p.m.)
    Holidays Mondays (open on national holidays), the day following a national holiday, during the New Year holiday, temporary closed days
  • Kitamae-bune shipping agency, Mori residence
    From the Edo Era to the Meiji Period, the port town of Iwase flourished as a trading port, when the merchant ships of Kitamae-bune were active on the Japan Sea. Old shipping agencies such as the Mori residence, an important national culture property, still give an old town atmosphere. The Toyama Light Rail, a modern tram, also runs from Toyamaekikita Station to Iwase.
    Access About 40 minutes from the hotel by car
    Address 108 Iwaseoomachi, Toyama-shi
    Telephone 076-437-8960
    business hours Throughout the year from 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (Entry permitted until 4:30 p.m.)
    Holidays during the New Year holiday, temporary closed days
  • Etchu-Yatsuo Owara Kazenobon
    The Owara in Etchu-Yatsuo has become famous all over the country for its mournful singing and dancing. In autumn, when it is time for the Kazenobon festival, the atmospheric town with its many hills gets completely colored by the festival for three nights. There are local traffic regulations, but shuttle buses run from in front of the Toyama Station every year.
    Access About 40 minutes from the hotel by car
    Address The whole area around Yatsuo-machi, Toyama-shi
    Telephone 076-454-5138 Etchu-Yatsuo Tourism Association
    open 9/1、2、3
  • Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route
    The international mountain sightseeing route that runs through the Northern Alps around 3000 meters high. You can change between cable cars, highland buses, rope ways etc. from Toyama city to Shinano-Omachi in Nagano Prefecture and enjoy the big panorama of the magnificent mountains, with the impressive highlight of the “Great snowy valley” that appears in the beginning of the route.
    Access It is a 3-minute walk from the hotel to Dentetsu Toyama Station, and it takes about 60 minutes from there to Tateyama Station
    Address From Senjugahara Tateyama-machi Nakaniikawa-gun to Ogizawa Omachi-shi in Nagano Prefecture
    Telephone 076-432-2819
    open From the beginning of April to November 8:30〜17:30
    Holidays Suspension over the winter season from December to the beginning of April the following year
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