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I am sending a test radio waves towards bis start – (day) the entire WI-FI connected to the 1st September 2013.
I ask for your understanding of there is it when the speed of some connection is slow.

Guide to Wi-Fi connection service introduction

By Wi-Fi connection service and comfortable hotel
You can use the free internet connection.

The Wi-Fi connection service, if you have tablet devices or wireless LAN built-in computer, and smart phone, you can use all guest rooms, lobby, breakfast at 1F corner for free.
Also available wired LAN In addition all rooms, the wireless LAN. This, including the room floor, you can take advantage of the Internet connection for free by a comfortable Wi-Fi connection service in the hotel.


Terminal serving

  • LAN / Wireless LAN (Wi-Fi standard) adapter built-in PC
  • PC with WindowsXP or more, equipped with an OS of Mac OSX or more
  • (IPhone, iPad etc.) iOS devices Wireless LAN (Wi-Fi standard) support
  • Android devices Wireless LAN (Wi-Fi standard) (smartphone, tablet PC, etc.)

Standards and connection of Internet connection service

> Wired LAN
Up to 100Mbps optical fiber use.
We are in your room LAN cable. (The lending in some facilities)
> Wireless LAN
It is based on standards of IEEE802.11a/b/g, it can be used simultaneously.
Upon connection of wireless LAN, does not require a password.

Area Internet connection service is available at the hotel

> All rooms (wired LAN · Wi-Fi connection)
> Lobby (Wi-Fi connection)
> 1F breakfast corner (Wi-Fi connection)

Notes on the occasion of use

> If you have wireless LAN built-in personal computer, smartphone, and tablet devices, is available at toll free lobby and guest rooms, in 1F breakfast corner.
> Wireless LAN connection service, We will be implemented as part of the service delivery further to customers, but there is not intended to guarantee 100% of the Internet environment.
> When I relate to communication speed, and is intended to provide a connection environment at all times, but approve it in advance by the network congestion and connection environment of our customers, if it is not connected or decrease in speed because there is.
> Please note I relate to various settings and communication terminal environment and your PC-specific, so we can not support at all in the hotel.
> When I relate to security such as a personal computer terminal to be connected, in the sole responsibility of the individual, I ask to have you protection and management.
> Virus infection by the operation of your own, interception of communication, loss and leakage of information, as well as personal computer unauthorized access of other operation spoofing is not responsible for damage of failure on your pc terminal, I do take responsibility for all in the hotel You.
> With regard to illegal activity and connection behavior affect send and receive large amounts of data, the system and continuous use for a long time, I ask to have you refrain. In addition, when you have found the same act, there is a case to be cut from this system available terminal without notice.
> Please note that for security reasons, we can not reply to inquiries (including the IP address) of information systems.
> Please note that together because there is the case that failure, such as line and communication equipment, the provider, I am allowed to stop this system without notice.
※ Our wireless LAN connection service is not due to provision and sponsorship of Apple.
※ iPhone, iPad is a trademark of Apple Inc..

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