Rooms & Rates

Relaxation and Functionality in a Private Space

Hotel Prime Toyama features six different types of guest rooms.
We guarantee the cleanliness and ample space of our rooms at all times so that you can enjoy your stay at leisure. We provide support during your stay with a full array of guest room accessories and amenities. After recovering from the exhaustion of a long day at our hotel, you can face tomorrow feeling enriched.

Providing support for comfortable living for our guests

  • Safe and secure room card key
    We use room card keys for all of our rooms, which are safe and effective at preventing theft. When entering your room, simply slide the card key through to open the lock. After entering the room, placing the card key in the energy-saving card holder will turn on the room lights.

    *When going out, don’t forget to take your card key!

  • High-speed Internet connection free of charge
    All rooms feature free Internet connection by fiber optic cable (LAN connection). You can connect to the Internet simply by connecting your laptop to the connector on the room desk.
  • VOD Prime Room Theater (additional charge)
    We’ve introduced VOD service (Video On Demand) into all guest rooms.
    From the latest hits to old classics, you can choose from over 150 titles for ¥1,000—and view as much as you want until checkout! Unlike other pay-per-view TV, you can watch any movie, starting at any scene, as often as you want, whenever you want. And since we’ve set up AQUOS LCD TVs in all guest rooms, you can enjoy the highest screen quality.
    Rate ¥1,000 per night per room
  • Clean and sanitary down futons
    At our hotel, we maintain our down futons with regular cleaning, stain removal, and repairs. We put our heart into providing futons that are always restored to best condition and with constantly maintained cleanliness. There’s a reason for your refreshing, peaceful sleep. “You can tell the difference when you wake up in the morning!” When we sought out a comfortable sleep, this was the result.
  • Duvet-style bedmaking
    Conventional bedmaking techniques include folding the edges of the sheets under the mattress along with the bed cover.
    In contrast, duvet-style bedmaking is where the entire down futon is tucked up with the cover and laid on top of the bed.
    Because it’s a style that’s similar to the kake-buton that Japanese people are so used to, you can rest in leisure, in cleanliness, and without feeling that your feet are cramped in too tight.
  • Guest room bath amenities: Aroma Ess.
    For guest room bath amenities, we use POLA’s popular hair care series, “Aroma Ess.” (with the exception of Single rooms). This bath series, which contains the natural ingredient Roman chamomile extract, delivers a soft wash and a firm, dry finish. Gives a beautiful shine to your hair.
  • Smoking/non-smoking rooms
    Our hotel features complete separation of smoking and non-smoking rooms. When making a reservation, please indicate whether you prefer a smoking room or a non-smoking room.

Room Rates and Information

Information on Hotel Prime Toyama’s room rates, etc. Take advantage of our discount service limited to Internet members.。

Room Number of rooms Room capacity
Single Room 126 1
Economy Twin Room 5 1~2
Double Room 12 1~2
Triple Room 5 3
Economy Room 2 4
Non-Smoking Economy Room
(Japanese-style Room)
3 1~2
Stay extension fee
From 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. ¥1,000 (tax included)
After 12:00 p.m. Fee equivalent to one night’s stay

*Staying past 12:00 noon will result in an additional night’s stay being charged.

Sleeping alongside your child

It is possible to sleep in the same bed as your children between the ages of 4 and 13. (Children over 13 will be charged at the adult rate.)
Please inquire at the front desk for additional towels, etc.

0 to 3 years Free
4 to 13 years ¥500
13 years and older Adult rate
Check-in / Check-out
Check-in 15:00
Check-out 11:00(Free Check-out System)
Parking Rates

One night, 1,000 yen in the hotel parking lot (3:00 p.m. through 11:00 a.m.).
・Extra charge for those staying past 11:00 a.m. or arriving before 3:00 p.m.
・If the hotel lot is full, we can direct you to an affiliated neighboring parking lot (JA Station Parking). The rate for the affiliated parking lot is 900 yen ~ per night.

One night(3:00 p.m. through 11:00 a.m.) ¥1,000(tax included)

In case of cancellation, the following cancellation fees will be applied.

No contact and no show 100% of room rate
Cancellation after 10:00 p.m. the day of: 100% of room rate
Cancellation before 10:00 p.m. the day of 80% of room rate
Cancellation the day before 20% of room rate

*In the case of multiple-night reservations, the above fees will be applied for each cancelled night.
*If cancellation is made prior to the times listed above, no cancellation fee will be applied.

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